History of Switzerland

With nearly eight million inhabitants, Switzerland is located in Western Europe, surrounded by France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein. Switzerland is a multicultural country thanks to its geographical position. The official languages ​​of Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Romansch. Switzerland is known for its famous political neutrality and military and includes 26 cantons (districts).

Switzerland as a center of the Earth

Switzerland has some cantons and each applies its own corporate tax rate. Switzerland is considered a position Onshore with low tax rates, in particular for companies registered in the canton of Obwalden will only pay a tax rate of 12.66%. Companies may also be domiciled in Lausanne, Geneva, Zug and Zurich, but will be subject to higher tax rates.

Switzerland Summary

Switzerland has many cantons, each with a different tax system. It is one of the few countries that still allows anonymous bearer shares in the form of SA (Société Anonyme, or limited company), which requires a capital of 100,000 Swiss francs. SARL (Société à responsabilité limitée, or limited liability company) do not offer the anonymity, if not to the stake through a trust or candidate, and require a capital of 20,000 CHF. It recommends setting up a Swiss company with a holding company in Hong Kong in order to receive dividends, given the advantageous agreements between Switzerland and Hong Kong. In order to establish a company in Switzerland must have a local director who is resident in Switzerland or is a Swiss citizen.

Types of Swiss companies

Setting up a company in Switzerland, it takes about a week and has six phases.

Role of company directors and shareholders in Switzerland

The director of a Swiss company must be a resident or citizen of Switzerland and is considered responsible for the activities of the Company. And 'possible to appoint a director under a mandate to carry out the management of the company. Details of shareholders is public SARLs (GmbH), but is anonymous for the companies SA (joint stock company).