History of Mauritius

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean. It is a former British colony, which gained independence in 1968 and has since grown the financial services industry. Now it has about 1.2 million inhabitants. Once mostly focused on agriculture, Mauritius has managed to evolve its secondary and tertiary sectors, thus increasing its wealth and its inhabitants.

Mauritius as an offshore center

Ranked first in terms of economic development in 2008 by the World Bank, Mauritius is an offshore with a very favorable tax system and a good reputation. The main form of offshore company is the Global Business Company and companies in Mauritius are guaranteed zero taxation and banking secrecy high quality.

Mauritius Summary

Mauritius is an excellent jurisdiction for offshore base stable outside Europe and is the ideal place to do business with Africa. The country offers a good quality sector bank and banking secrecy is reliable.

Types of companies in Mauritius

There are two types of companies in Mauritius: GBL1 onshore (Business License, 1-15% tax) and offshore companies GBL2 (Global license 0% tax).

Creation of companies in Mauritius requirements are managed by a local agent who prepares the necessary documents and manages the process of incorporation. Also a local attorney must also confirm that it fulfills the conditions for local training.