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Do you have a question or there is something you are not sure? Contact us on + 41 22 518 01 40 and visit us.

Weather your question is about Onshore or Offshore company incorporation and its directors, our consultants will provide answers of high quality. You are invited to visit us in Hong Kong, Geneva or Brussels

A meeting will take the answers to these themes

Our consultants are chosen for their skills and their desire to help you make the right choice of company. They can give you information on:

  • countries with the tax system more beneficial for your business
  • Offshore choosing more relevant
  • the steps to take to start your business
  • all our benefits and services
  • the best strategy Offshore
  • and any other matter that is important to you.

After our meeting

After our meeting, the proposal is made for you, which sets out the issues involved and the suggested solution. If you choose a personal advisor, we provide support throughout the year. We are listening to you and we are here to help you with your plans and needs.