History of Luxembourg

Luxembourg or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, is a small town (2,586 km2) located between France, Germany and Belgium. Luxembourg has a diverse culture, with three official languages: French, German and Luxembourgish. Luxembourg is one of the founders of the European Union and is well known for its diversified economy, as well as its GDP per capita, the highest in the world.

Luxembourg as Onshore Financial Services Centre

Luxembourg enjoys an excellent international reputation, but it should be noted that its imposition is lower than in other European countries. However, its tax system is very generous for a certain type of onshore companies: a holding company.

Indeed, Luxembourg holding companies are exempt from tax, as are dividends paid to them. These companies are known as SOPARFI Luxembourg and there are 12,000 of them. E ', however, can create a limited liability company, joint stock company, an investment company venture capital, a branch or a representative office. Luxembourg also provides companies with a high level of confidentiality and bank secrecy high quality.

Summary Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a single jurisdiction because any solution must be individually adapted to customer needs. In Luxembourg domiciliary, as well as the directors and managers are responsible for the actions of the company and for this reason, Luxembourg is most suitable for projects consistent, where the founders wish to have a local presence. This expertise is used mainly by holding companies and investment funds, rather than for companies trading.

The different types of companies

To create a company in Luxembourg, you must complete 6 procedures and wait 19 days.

Role of Directors of the Company in Luxembourg

Company directors must be residents or citizens of Luxembourg. A director is a taxable person for the company's shares. And 'possible appointment of a nominee director but must be involved in and fully understand the company's business.