Our frequently asked questions

The creation of an offshore company raises many questions, the most frequently have been grouped here for you to check out and find the answers you need. Each question is relevant and we took care to answer as clearly and precisely as possible. In this way we are sure to bring a quality help

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  • What is an offshore company?
  • What are the advantages of an offshore company?
  • Why use FiduSuisse Offshore?
  • What is the best destination for an offshore company?
  • And 'it required to maintain accounts for its offshore company?
  • How long will the company be created?
  • What is a shelf company?
  • What is the principle of the Agency Company UK?
  • How to distinguish between administrator and partner?
  • A person can she be a director and shareholder?
  • An offshore company she means no taxes?
  • Must be present for the opening of a bank account?
  • The creation of an offshore company is always accompanied by a bank account?
  • You 'can open a personal account in addition to that of the offshore company?
  • How much is the annual fee for maintaining the bank account?
  • E 'can have multiple currencies on the same account?
  • How you can use the funds in the account offshore?
  • What is Anonymous Card?
  • What is a nominee director?
  • How long will the company be created?
  • What is the administration of the company?
  • How is your company name?
  • When the annual costs of the company should be paid?
  • What notary and apostille?
  • What is the statement of faith?