Canadian history

Canada, on the border with the northern United States, is the second largest country in the world. As a former French and then British colony, Canada is influenced by these two cultures and maintains the Queen of England as Head of State. Canada has ten provinces and three territories, is highly developed and industrialized, generate wealth from its many natural resources.

Canada as a destination Offshore

Canada has a strong offshore destination as it allows the business to make quickly and above all very simple. It enjoys its excellent reputation (the best set in Hong Kong), powerful banks and flexible legislation. The country also offers its companies to sell products in the US through a series of agreements established with its neighbor. Only two Canadian provinces offer the offshore tax rate of 5%.

Canadian offshore companies offer limited and may hold shares in foreign companies. There are different kinds of Canadian companies: residents, non-residents, transients, and a candidate agent. The establishment of an offshore company does not require minimum capital and, in some regions, requires no local presence. Canadian offshore companies are not taxed if they have any activity in Canada.

Canada Summary

Canada is a new player in the world of offshore companies with a number of provinces, including Quebec, offering businesses low tax. Canada is the most preferred destination for tax planning compatible since it has the reputation offshore negative and no association with the avoidance or tax evasion. It is by far one of the best jurisdictions neutral, providing performance at sea without the drawbacks traditional offshore.

Types of Canadian society

The establishment of a Canadian company can be accomplished by a notary or a lawyer, and takes about five days.